Tuesday, 22 November 2011

2012 Line of Pulsar Spotted

After the long wait and enormous expectation this the first look at the new bajaj Pulsar 2012. This was spotted near the Bajaj factory in Pune and photos were taken when the bike is being tested on the public roads heading towards Nashik Phata.
I'm a very big fan for Bajaj Pulsar range of bikes , such I had to wait for two hour outside Probiking Pune showroom ( I reached early at morning 8am)to buy the all new Pulsar 220 Dts-fi in 2009. I am proud customer 40th P220 FI and I still own the bike.
These bike in picture were spotted on the new Nigdi-Nashik Phata highway. At the first look it seems like the Pulsar 135 LS , But have closer look . The bike has monoshock ( first for any bajaj range bikes) and if you take even more closer look you will see orange tag on the crank case and KTM written on it .
So the engine is taken from the joint development of Bajaj-KTM 125 Duke ( just a guess) . The rear wheel still has a drum brake so the bike will in line of 125cc to 150cc. The tail lamp looks similar old line of Pulsars.
Some design references taken from Kiska Designs 125cc Duke. Like the Front fender and the headlight design . I could not see the speedo so cannot comment on one. The tank seems similar to the current pulsar range (p200). The interesting parts are the Rims similar to the baby Duke 125 , Lets hope this not the new Duke 200cc for India. That will be a big no-no from the KTM fans in India.

So guys have a closer look and Cheers!!!!

The orange logo pretty much much comapred to the KTM 125cc Duke crankcase logo.....
Photo credit : bikeadvice


  1. Awesome my friend. really appreciate posting this article.


  2. Excellent job guys and thanks for posting it. Kudos.

  3. just one, where is the muffler?

  4. Where is silencer, it's new name may be on the engine PULSAR, DOESN'T looks good as existing versions

  5. To bad that the frame is covered with leather. Wondering what kind of frame installed in the new bajaj pulsar series.

    It would be amazing if the new bajaj pulsar series will also have weight reduction < 130kg dry.

    For 150cc+ displacement, rear disk brake please...

  6. नाद खुळा...!!!
    खूप दिवस याची वाट पाहत होतो...
    जेव्हा ही रस्त्यावरून सर्वांना मागे
    'फेकत' जाईल तेव्हाच समाधान होईल...

  7. Pulsar has catapulted the whole Indian Motorcycle segment into a new phase where bikes got more bulky,sporty and powerful.Its whole Pulsar brigade is youth's favorite.

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